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Health Tips
When visiting Nepal one should be aware of health and safety concerns. Due to the varied climate and weather, taking care of one's health becomes a top priority. Practicing hygienic habits, making sure food, water, and sanitation of restaurants and tea houses are good, and being aware of one surroundings helps to prevent and ward off illness that may come from traveling to a foreign land.

Stomach issues are one of the more common problems found in Nepal. Most bodies adjust quickly and a mild case of tummy trouble can be waited out without the need for medication. We live in the age of mega-antibiotics, which do a great job clearing up more severe problems (consult with your doctor at home which ones he/she recommends). Certain immunizations are crucial. Most countries have a national board that recommends the proper jabs for all countries based on what is endemic. Your doctor at home can check and administer the proper shots before your departure. Malaria is endemic only in small lowland areas of Nepal (in and either side of the monsoon). Doctor differ on prescribing. Most people are in Nepal without Malarial prophylaxis, and without any problem whatsoever - and that is our recommendation. HOWEVER, your heath is your concern so this is worth a discussion with your doctor.

Some degree of altitude sickness may occasionally occur at or around 3,000 m+. Kathmandu Adventure Treks takes great care with altitude acclimatization and all Kathmandu Adventure Treks guides are able to respond quickly to symptoms, healing, immediate rescue and helicopter evacuation (which is best reason for good personal travel insurance) if such instances arise.

The medical infrastructure in Nepal is limited. However, Kathmandu does hold a world renowned tropical diseases and travel medicine clinic. CIEWC CLINIC ( is a private clinic that does take health insurance. It charges western prices for its services, which we would direct (or escort) you to.

On our treks at Kathmandu Adventure Treks we boil or sterilize drinking water. WE DO NOT supply plastic bottled water and do not recommend doing this either. This adheres to the environmental code of discouraging disposable non biodegradable containers in natural settings. All water should be regarded as potentially contaminated. Water used for drinking, brushing teeth or making ice should have first been boiled or sterilized. Milk is unpasteurized and should be boiled. Powdered or tinned milk is available and advised. Avoid dairy products likely to have been made from un-boiled milk. Only eat well-cooked meat and fish. Vegetables should be cooked and fruit peeled.
Florida, U.S.A.
I highly recommend Kathmandu Adventure Treks to organize your entire Nepal experience.
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Anne-Marie Poudrel
Geneva, Switzerland.
The holiday of lifetime! I am so glad we booked with Kathmandu Adventure Treks - our guides were compassionate and kind as well as extremely knowledgeable about Nepal's geography and culture.
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Bharat Pancha
Wellington, New Zealand.
Expansion is generous, helpful and gentle... he makes a real effort to keep in touch and to make sure that everything is in order before the trek... I would definitely recommend Expansion as...
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Michel Thibaud
Toulouse, France
We have trekked several times before in a few different countries, but nothing can compare with the effortless professionalism of Kathmandu Adventure Treks. See you again soon, Expansion !
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Robin Lloyd
Thanks to this Expansion added a rich dimension to my trip as he was able to act as a bridge between myself and the incredible local people we met on the trek.
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Lynda Griggs
Wellington, New Zealand
Thankyou for a fantastic trip and for all you did to make it so special. You shared your passion for Nepal with us and looked after us all so well. The trek was a wonderful experience - challenging...
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Pia Donatelli
Milan, Italy
Compliments to Expansion Dahal and everyone on the team for a smooth-running and super enjoyable trek. We will be telling all our friends to book.
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Carl Anders
Stockholm, Sweden.
We chose Kathmandu Adventure Treks at random - but the gods definitely pointed us in the right direction! The trip was faultless.
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Amy Calder
New York City, U.S.A.
Our best memory of the Everest trek is of our Sherpa Ang Jamu; what a wonderful man! He delighted us every day with his guidance and knowledge - then took us into his home village...
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Bill Ashwell
Johannesburg, South Africa
We enjoyed every aspect of our Nepal holiday immensely. The trek itself was incredible and the views and the whole experience exceeded our expectations.
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Louisa Bayley
Leicestershire, U.K.
Kathmandu Adventure Treks is an excellent company and we will be urging all our friends to book. Nothing was too much trouble for Expansion and the team - thank you all!

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Nina Kailer
Hamburg, Germany
We were made to feel welcome and comfortable from Day One of our trip. The guides, the trek and the country of Nepal are all truly wonderful.
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John Walsh
Melbourne, Australia
It was an unforgettable trek, thanks to Expansion and his lovely friendly team. Thank you all so much.
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Rudi Wubbe
Amsterdam, Holland
Every day was a delight. I am already saving up for my next Kathmandu Adventure Trek!
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Daphne and Keith Lindsay
Wellington, New Zealand
Expansion, we will sing your praises long and far! Thank you for guiding us, caring for us, being our friend and sharing your love of Nepal with us. I am sure that Nepal will continue...
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Phil Johnstone
Auckland, New Zealand
Expansion runs Nepal's best trek firm. Can't recommend him more. His friendly, organised team were brilliant. And he once shared a meal with Sir Edmund Hillary. Respect.
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